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Things to Do When Your Toilet Overflows

Perhaps one of the worst nightmares a homeowner can have is seeing the water in their toilet bowl slowly rise higher and higher. An overflowing toilet is extremely gross. It is extremely messy and challenging to deal with alone. In addition to that, fixing the toilet isn’t the only thing you have to do. You also have to clean up afterward. 

Whenever you are struggling with an overflowing toilet, it is crucial to be clear on every measure you’ve got to take. Hiring professional West Coast plumbers Perth is always a wise decision if you find the task becoming too hard to handle alone.  

Though your first instinct might be to panic when your toilet begins overflowing, it isn’t ideal. The best thing you can do is to be proactive. This will help you lower some of the cleanups you will be doing afterward. Here are several things you should do if your toilet overflows: 

Don’t Try Repeatedly Flushing the Toilet 

It isn’t a wise move to try flushing the toilet if you’re already having problems with it. Try to resist the temptation as much as possible. If you do flush the toilet again and again, you can potentially end up making the issue worse. There are a lot of reasons why a toilet overflows. You might be dealing with a backed-up septic tank, a clogged pipe, and much more.  

Shut Off the Water Supply 

Turning the water supply off can prevent the overflow situation from becoming a lot worse. Almost every toilet has a shut-off valve near its base. You can also remove the toilet lid and stop the water flow manually by lifting up the float ball if you cannot find the valve.  

Unclogging the Toilet 

Once you have stopped the toilet from overflowing. The next thing you’ve got to do is to try to unclog it.  

It is crucial to have the correct supplies and tools if you want to try to unclog the toilet on your own. These tools include bleach, gloves, rags or towels, mop and bucket, plunger, and auger or drain snake.  

You’ve got to ensure you wear gloves first before you do anything. Also, it is a wise move to place a couple of towels around the toilet in case any water leaks.  

Next, grab your plunger. Before you try to use it, try to scoop out some of the water if possible. This might not be a very appealing method. However, it will help prevent the water from spilling around.  

If the plunger does not solve the issue, you can grab a drain snake. A drain snake, also known as a toilet auger, is a long flexible shaft that you can insert into the toilet bowl and maneuvered around to try and get rid of the clog.  

Nobody wants to handle a clogged toilet. However, if you own a house, it will probably happen to you at some point. If you know how to fix a clogged toilet, you can easily avoid this situation. However, if you don’t, you can always hire a professional plumber for help. 

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Different Hints to Know to Call a Plumber Sooner

It is normal that we are the one fixing the problems in our house. This one tells us that we don’t need someone when fixing the faucet or changing the head of the shower as we could do it on our own? As long as we have the tools and the instructions are clear enough, then there won’t be any problem here. Others would try to do some experiments when it comes to this matter, so that the next time, they can do it perfectly and no need to hire and pay those service companies.  

When there are troubles in our bathroom. We tried our very best to check for the possible cause of it and we tried our skills to solve it. There are some house owners that they would prefer doing this one since they can save so much money here. Of course, there is nothing wrong when it comes to this kind of saving hacks. Their major reason here is that they want to learn things so that they won’t be stupid when it comes to fixing those simple plumbing problems in the house. It is nice if we can just do things using our own skills and knowledge.  

The only time that we need those West Coast plumbers Perth is when there are some serious and big issues or troubles in the house that we could not fix. There are instances as well that the problem is just very small but because we lack of knowledge and we tried making a solution for it. The result is unlikely and the problem became even bigger which is hard to solve and there are cases that we need to replace the entire parts of the plumbing system inside the house.  

This is the point that sometimes getting the professional help of those plumbers could be useful and right thing to do. This will save you from so much problems and troubles that you don’t want to experience again and again. 

If the drainage area is clogged, then you should worry now because this one is so hard to fix without any of those major tools and equipment. The pipe under the ground could be the problem so you need those people to check it and let them repair whatever problem it has. You don’t know if there could be some roots are growing under the soil there and it made a crack to the pipes.  

When you notice that faucet in the bathroom and in the kitchen is not the fasten well or even you tried to fasten it, there are still some waters dripping from the main faucet. They can fix the problem in no time and they can guarantee that it won’t happen again except if you did something wrong.  

They also inspect the heater in your bathroom especially in the winter. You know that there could be a chance that the engine won’t work because it is freezing outside. You should fine someone who can do the job well.  

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