When we were young, we usually like to form rhyming words and see beauty and meaning to everything we see. This is what is beautiful about poetry. But as we age, the thoughts become so messy that it is becoming less pretty to write and describe through sheer words. But the good news is it is not necessary to get rid of poetry. You can always surround yourself with the same beauty by reading other people’s works. Who knows, these pieces of literature and verses could inspire you to make beautiful poetry again.  

We all have access to the internet and nearly all of us do have gadgets and computers. If you doto  own one, there are services and shops that offer special deals like renting computers and others. So, if you have the means, then what are you waiting for? Stop tormenting your soul and visit these websites. 


1.Poetry Foundation 

This website is great as it publishes the poetry magazine. It is based in Chicago that aims to promote poetry across the country and other parts of the world by organizing public events and programs. On the website, anyone is allowed to access many poems and even provides you the tool to refine your search by occasion, subject, and writer, or poet. It is also a good literature resource for children as it offers audio and videos relating ot the specific poem.  

It also gives you resources like Learning Lab and Glossary of Poetic Terms that are extremely effective in learning you more about poetry. 


If you fancy contemporary poetry, then this website ideal for you. This organization’s sole objective is to support American poets of their careers in poetry. It also organizes many programs and events in order to promote poetry and deepen our appreciation to the budding poets of the 21st century.  

3.Poets Daily 

Similar to the Poets.org, it features contemporary poets and their poetry. It also provides a very simple and minimalist user interface that allows for easier manipulation of the website. 

The website provides a poem per day from different books, journals, and magazines, reminding oy that poetry should be a part of our daily routine.  

You are also allowed to subscribe to their newsletter for some exclusive offers and information such as if you want to know new upcoming poets, special editorial features, and many more.  

4.Poetry Archive 

Poetry archive is more than just a website that collects poems and offers you that. It provides a good user interface as it gives teachers the chance and provides the right tools such as lesson plans for teachers, bios for students, and of course, the highlight of this website: recording of the poets themselves reading out loud their literary works.  

You are also offered here different resources for poetry and literature. 

Final thoughts 

Poetry is beauty. It is a beauty itself discovered only by eyes that seek it… that seeks beauty in things that we see, hear, touch, and feel. You do not need to kill the child within and deprive him of the beauty of poetry because life has given you different circumstances that paralyze you from doing poetry. Read and immerse yourself with poetry again, and only then you will find inspiration to make your own.