As pet owners, we only want the best for our furry buddies. And when it comes to grooming them, there are a few new convenient options available. One of them is calling up mobile grooming vans. The question is, should you really hire them to groom your pets?

Surely, you must have seen these vans going around your neighborhood. You know that they’re mobile grooming vans because you’ll see pictures of dogs on the sides. If you want to know the benefits and the possible drawbacks of hiring mobile groomers, read on.

The Benefits of Mobile Grooming

Probably the first and foremost benefit of the mobile service is that your pet is groomed right at home. Your pet is comfortable and you don’t have to drive it anywhere. This is a good choice for pets that have never got used to driving distances. Here are its other advantages:

1. Convenient

Most of these mobile vans can be asked to come to your home at any time that you desire. So you get to tell them to come in the early morning if that’s the most convenient time for you. Most of them also accept late night and weekend appointments. They’re practically available for you when the rest of the dog salons are closed.

2. Less stress

Not all pets like it when you leave them at the groomers. If your dog isn’t used to not seeing you around in the company of strangers, then you might want to go for mobile grooming instead. By doing so, your pet will be groomed with you right there all the time. It’s a less stressful experience for your doggie.

3. Exclusive

Some pets can get agitated and anxious when placed in contact with other dogs. This problem is solved by mobile grooming. No need to force your pet to deal with the other dogs at the salon. Plus, he gets the undivided attention of the groomer.

Possible Drawbacks of Mobile Grooming

If there are advantages, do expect that there may be some disadvantages to the service as well. But then, most people know how to weigh the advantages over the disadvantages to come up with the best choice. Some points to think about when calling the mobile groomers are:

1. Cost

It’s true that mobile groomers provide a ton of convenience for you and your pet. But you almost always have to pay a good price for that. Expect the mobile groomers to charge a little bit more a regular grooming salon. Some of them may even add an hourly convenience fee on top of the regular package cost.

2. Enclosed area

Due to space restrictions, you may not see everything that the groomer is doing to your dog. Their work area is not like the salon with all the see-through glasses. Also, if your dog is afraid of confined spaces, this option may not work for him best.

3. Location

If you live too far off, then the mobile groomer may charge you extra for fuel. Be sure that your area is within their radius or you’ll be paying more than you expect to.

If you do find mobile pet grooming as the best solution to your woes, then it’s time to hire the best in mobile grooming Omaha. There’s no doubt that these mobile grooming vans do provide the easiest and most convenient to get your pets groomed.