If you want to save money and save the environment at the same time, reducing your home’s energy consumption is a great move. People think that it’s a difficult thing to do, but it’s actually quite simple. You just have to make some few adjustments then you’re going to become a good influence on the work. It is achievable especially if you will continue doing it and have a discipline on yourself.  

Energy Consumption 

Switch to GreenPower Program 

The GreenPower Program is offered by your energy provider to reduce the company or home’s carbon footprint. This is offered in United States, Australia and Canada. The providers are part of the program that the government made to use renewable and clean electricity in your homes. This way, the greenhouse gas emission is reduced. You can ask your supervisor to switch you on this program. But if this option is not available in your place, you can opt for another source of energy which is solar panel system. Ask any company of Solar Panels Ventura County to help you with this.   

Turn Off Lights and Electronics When Not in Use 

This is a basic thing to do, when electronics and lights are still on and running even if you don’t use them, they still take up energy. When you’re not using them, make sure you switch off the television, computer, air conditioning units and other electronics. Doing this policy on your household will reduce your energy consumption and you can save hundreds or dollars in your bill.   

Use Power Strips for Multiple Gadgets 

If you have lots of appliances and electronics that need to run every time and need an electrical outlet, use a power strip. Doing so will allow you to switch them off at once when you don’t use them. You will prevent the “phantom” energy loss from happening. A power strip is a good choice if the electronics are in the same area, like in a room like the computer set and printer.   

Unplugged Electronics You Seldomly Use 

If you have electronics or appliances that you don’t always use like a coffee grinder or a mini fridge in your room, or anything that you rarely use. Also, if you are having a vacation make sure you unplug the appliances. You will save a lot of money from doing so.   

Use a Smart Thermostat 

A thermostat is a helpful tool when it comes to setting the desired temperature of your house. There are different types of thermostats, but a smart thermostat will help you a lot in saving money. The temperature can be controlled from an application you install on your phone. When you’re away of the house, you can easily turn the HVAC system on and off. The multiple sensors that come with it provide a better overall reading of the temperature. Thus, your house is cooled or warmed more efficiently than the other types of thermostats.   

Turn off the Computer When Not in Use 

If you’re not using your computer, make sure you turn it off. If you don’t use it, power it down or set it to sleep. If you’re just having a short break, set it to hibernate to save energy. All other accessories like scanners and printers should be turned off too.   

Make Sure the House is Well-Insulated 

A not well-insulated house is such a big energy waster. A well-insulated area doesn’t use a big amount of energy to cool or heat the place. You can make your house as energy-efficient as possible if you add more insulation to your basement, ceiling, attic and roof.